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A plea for help.  This thing grew on our plot.  To our knowledge it is nothing we planted, although it did spring up like a bulb in early spring.  It has only just “flowered” and produced this thing.  I have no idea what it is, so if anyone has any ideas I would be thrilled to hear from them.

Allotment June 29 002

It’s just so weird.  It also had a spirally looking leaf.  The head has got what look like tiny bulblets all over it.  We were intrigued and then I cut it for the vase because I thought it looked quite nice with my bolted leek flowers (seen also in the background).  As Jamie rightly pointed out, we now don’t know what it would have turned into (cringe).  I should have thought really.

I’m sure it is an allium of some sort….

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