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My next door neighbour has the most amazing rose in her garden, and by some miracle of luck, it has grown over to our side.

I think it started last year when we noticed it had climbed up a tree on our side.  This year it kind of collapsed onto our side, and the spur grew so much that I swear we are getting more flowers than they are,  which seems a bit cheeky.

However, the happy coincidence of it growing into the lime green foliage of our tree gives us both a mutual benefit, greater than if either of us kept our plants on our own side of the fence….

What do I do?  It seems an absolute travesty to cut it off, but I have a sneaking guilty feeling that we should be encouraging it back?

There is a saying that you should offer back anything that you take off the plant, so I guess that means if we pick any flowers.

The whole thing makes me feel somewhat like a character out of the fairy tale Rapunzel.

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A quick post in admiration of Bluebells.

Apparently the British Isles have over 40% of the world’s bluebell population.

These ones were snapped at Kew Gardens  a few weeks ago.

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